Here, you can relax as you please. We believe laziness to be the highest virtue.


Your comfort is our highest priority. Feel free to immerse yourself in the magical ambiance of Zamek Łeba.

Immerse yourself in the special ambiance of our magical hotel.

Immerse yourself in the special ambiance of our magical hotel.


If you are a fan of active vacation you’ll surely find fun things to do.

Łeba maze

The biggest natural maze in Poland. Accompanied by activities such as boule, game garden, and activities for kids.

Mampe Mountain

Oldest viewpoint located 20m AMSL, commonly known as “Mampe-Dune” or “Małpedyna”.

R-10 Bike trai

The closest destinations are Rowy (west) and Jastrzębia Góra (east). Swamps, viewing footbridges, dunes, forests and more await you on this challenging trail. For the determined.


If you’re planning an enigmatic bicycle trip amongst untamed nature, follow the R-10 trail and turn in the direction of the land by Beach no 39 in Lubiatowo. Coordinates: 54.813996327405256, 17.847162361750367

Lighthouse in Czołpin

Beautiful tower built with red bricks. Appreciate the view of the dunes in their full glory from 25m above.

Dolphin House Oceanarium

It’s an amazing entertainment for kids and an unforgettable learning experience. See colorful fish, sharks, dolphins and more.

Słowiński Park Narodowy

Beautiful places and captivating wonders of nature, moving dunes, Slavic country skansen.