Immerse yourself
in an atmosphere
of blissful peace

We have created a place where relaxation is combined with nurturing, and the relaxation of the body with the deep soothing of the mind.

Here, you are at the centre. Forget the daily rush and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of blissful tranquillity.




Discover the wealth of spa treatments

Choose from an offer full of relaxation


Imagine that you are in SAO SPA Hotel Łeba, where the atmosphere is saturated with the essences of authenticity and the beauty of simplicity. Already at the entrance, you feel your senses come alive, ready for the adventure that is about to begin.

After the ritual is over, you step out of SAO SPA, and your skin is grateful for this experience. You feel relaxed, renewed, and full of energy.

Sao SPA’s Signature Facial treatment by HappyMore

Price: 400 PLN | 60 min

The combination of HAPPYMORE's signature massage and the touch of Bali th ...

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Sao SPA’s Signature Body treatment by HappyMor

Price: 420 PLN | 60 min


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Sao SPA’s Signature Face and Body treatment by HappyMore

Price: 600 PLN | 110 min

Immerse yourself in a world of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Surround ...

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Explore the wide range of massages on offer and find a moment just for yourself.

Skilled masseuses from Indonesia and Thailand will help transport you to a world of relaxation and indulgence


Price: 240 PLN | 30 min

30-minute relaxing back massage. A relaxing upper body massage that guar ...

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price: 350 PLN | 60 min

A 60-minute sensual full-body massage. Its aim is to restore the balance ...

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Price: 350 PLN | 60 min

A 60-minute intensive stretching massage. It is performed through a spec ...

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Thai with oils

Price: 400 PLN | 60 min

A 60-minute oil-based stretching massage. Uses acupressure techniques an ...

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Lava Stones

Price: 450 PLN | 90 min

A 60-minute massage to relieve tension. It combines the effects of drain ...

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Lomi Lomi Nui

Price: 450 PLN | 90 min

A 60-minute Hawaiian massage in the rhythm of nature. Performed mainly w ...

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Foot reflexotherapy

Price: 220 PLN | 30 min

A 30-minute Japanese therapeutic massage. According to Eastern medicine, ...

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Face, shoulders and neckline

Price: 280 PLN | 45 min

A 45-minute facial massage. It is a combination of several Asian techniq ...

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Extra time

Price: 100 zł | 30 min

Additional 30 minutes:- relaxation massage- Balinese massage- Thai massag ...

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Contact details - SAO SPA

Contact details - SAO SPA

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Adress: Sosnowa 1, 84-360 Łeba

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Phone: 59 863 51 20

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We are a historic building and do not have a lift, rooms with walk-in showers and other facilities expected of standard hotels in terms of specific requirements for easy accessibility.

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