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In addition to the sea, dunes and pine forests, waiting for you right next to the castle: an outdoor heated swimming pool with sun loungers, a private beach with screens and waiter service.

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Outdoor swimming pool with panoramic sea views

In addition to the magnificent panorama of the sea and the sightseeing experience, our outdoor swimming pool, thanks to its size ( 10X18 metres), guarantees the possibility of real swimming. We enhance the atmosphere of summer relaxation with music, cocktails and picnics in the green area adjacent to the pool.

Bikes for the whole family

With your cycling trips in mind, we have prepared 15 bikes for adults and 6 bikes for children. They are serviced by us and are available to you daily with suggestions for unique cycle routes available at reception.

Picnic, bonfire or barbecue...

Exceeding expectations, relaxation and fairytale memories are our speciality. We are particularly proud of them, a privilege of our location and surroundings. Thanks to the extensive grounds around the castle, we have the opportunity to arrange a bonfire on the beach, a barbecue on the grass, or a romantic picnic with a basket of snacks and selected drinks, on a blanket spread out on the private beach.

Migrating sand dunes

They are the biggest attraction in Łeba. Located within the Słowiński National Park between the sea and Lake Łebsko, they are Europe's largest belt of shifting dunes. Under the influence of the wind, the shifting sand causes the dunes to 'migrate' eastwards at a rate of several metres per year, burying the forests they encounter.  The greatest changes to the landscape occur in autumn and spring during the Baltic storms. The sand is already moving in a wind that blows at 5 metres per second. The largest dune has an area of around 500 hectares, the highest ('Lącka Góra') is 42 metres high. After climbing to the top of the dune, you can admire the desert landscape as well as Lake Łebsko and, of course, the Baltic Sea. 

Museum of Slovinic Countryside in Kluki

Kluki is a village located on Lake Łebsko in the Słowiński National Park.There are several homesteads here to illustrate the daily life of the Slovinian people/ The museum was established in 1963, when an exhibition was opened in one of the homesteads. Over time, more and more of the village's indigenous inhabitants left the village, leaving their homesteads together with their furnishings. The museum curators acquired new artefacts in this way, which were then used to stage successive exhibitions. Here you can see the homesteads of local inhabitants engaged in fishing, blacksmithing or farming, and in the houses you can see all the original furnishings, how bread was baked and how peat was extracted to heat the houses. There is also an inn that was the centre of the village life. 


located five kilometres from the village of Stilo also known as Osetnik and 10 kilometres east of the town of Łeba, it is a very characteristic building in the shape of a truncated pyramid, on a hexadecagonal base.  At the top of the lighthouse are two viewing galleries and the lantern, which is not accessible. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and features a construction technology that was very modern for the time - the steel elements were bolted together, which is clearly visible inside the building. LatarniamorskaStilois painted with three distinctive colour stripes - black at the bottom, white in the middle and red on top. Beside the tower there is a lighthouse keepers' house. 

Dinosaur Park

A complex on the outskirts of Łeba, beautifully located and covering an area of 20 hectares, the only such extensive and extensive dinosaur park in Poland. Surrounded by forests, ponds, moors and natural wildlife, following a number of trails we learn about the different periods of the Earth's ancient history. As we walk along the charming paths, bridges and footbridges across the reeds, we come into contact with around 100 reptiles. We can very realistically perceive with our senses the atmosphere of bygone eras millions of years ago, and see how nature, people and animal life looked and developed then. A visit to the museum offers a wonderful experience and the opportunity to see dinosaur models executed in the 1:1 scale.


A family amusement park with a natural labyrinth as the park's main attraction, only for the brave ones, with good orientation skills. The main labyrinth covers an area of 5,000 m2 - with viewing platforms and 4 tasks to complete along the way to the exit. A skilled conqueror is able to navigate the labyrinth in about 20 minutes. 

Alex's farm

The country's first agricultural theme amusement park. It was established in 2020 in Charbowo, approximately 10 km from Łeba.  It is an unusual and unique place in Poland, and even the first and so far, the only such farm in this part of Europe. The idyllic atmosphere on site encourages outdoor play for children of all ages. Here you can get to know what the real Polish countryside is like, see what kinds of farming equipment are at work in the fields, take a ride on some of them, see how beautiful our native flora is and meet real animals.

Amber Museum

A small museum that was established in 2017, with 4 rooms where you can admire amber arts and crafts, jewellery and sculptures. 

The Amber Museum in Łeba consists of four thematic rooms with a total area of four hundred square metres. In this area, both the little and the big ones will not only learn about the history of amber - the most extraordinary mineral - but they will also travel back to the Ice Age and get an opportunity to see some unusual exhibits.

  • Amber forest

In the first thematic room, the Amber Forest, we will travel many years back in time and find out what the forest looked like around 40 million years ago. We will learn how amber was formed and what the formation process looked like. This magnificent reconstruction will certainly appeal to the little explorers.

  • Ice Age

In the world of the Ice Age, we will learn how this period unfolded and learn about the extent of global glaciation. However, the highlight of the museum are the exhibits of the woolly mammoths, which have been rendered in 1:1 scale. This means we will see these prehistoric creatures life-size! 

  • The room of inclusions in amber

No doubt everyone has heard of all sorts of insects or items getting trapped in amber. In the room of inclusions, we will be able to see with our own eyes those unfortunate insects, that happened to be ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ - and as a result, became part of the piece of amber forever. It is truly amazing how immense the power of nature is. The exhibition will definitely make a big impression on the younger visitors to the Łeba Museum.

  • Amber chamber

The final exhibition that comprises the Amber Museum in Łeba is the Amber Chamber. Here we will find exclusive artefacts made of amber. This part of the museum will certainly appeal to both parents and children.

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