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Luxury facility by the Polish sea located by the beach

There is blissful tranquillity here and the surrounding attractions tempt you with their charm.
Do what you feel like doing. After all, it's your time. Your sweet holiday is just around the corner.

A time for sweet relaxation

and discovering the mysteries of the Castle

Fairytale Castle

“Welcome to the other side” is not an empty promise, it’s our plan for your fairytale stay.

Here at the Castle, we create a cozy dimension to welcome you on your sweet escape along the enchanting Polish shore. With many years of experience on our side, we are able to make your stay a time of absolute peace, tranquility and joy. You and your loved ones will experience an atmosphere of relaxed elegance and style overlooking the boundlessness of the Baltic Sea. Let yourself get lost in the soft embrace of the soothing sound of the waves crashing delicately against the shore, which can be heard clearly from the terrace or windows of our rooms on the north side.

Castle by choice

There are many ways you can enjoy your stay with us; the classic lounging on the Castle's beach grounds, long walks and biking trips, refreshing drinks under the open sky, catching some sun by our outdoor pool or enjoying a delicious meal made from seasonal ingredients overlooking the beach. In the winter season, enjoy a bonfire made on the white beds of the snow-covered beach, have a little afternoon delight with some tea and dessert within the century-old walls of the castle or enjoy the delights of our spa such as our saunas, relaxing massages and spa treatements. For the daring, our Castle is also a hotspot for the phenomenon of winter swimming.

Write your own fairytale with us!

Castle by taste

The Head Chef is responsible for the cuisine of the Łeba Castle, which is as unusual as the facility itself. He transfers to the plates of the restaurant's guests the art of highlighting the qualities of fresh products, the adoration of local and seasonal ingredients, the skill of composing masterful sauces and a variety of techniques that allow a note of surprise in even the simplest dishes. The chef creates a well-thought-out restaurant menu based on seasonal and local ingredients, open to both hotel guests and those just wanting to try the dishes.

Castle by relaxation

Relaxation in comfortable rooms overlooking the sea or with sunny balconies facing the shades of green on the south side, is the essence of the Leba Castle. Upon entering the grounds, our guests can forget about their worries and the pace of life, cooling off in our outdoor pool overlooking the sea, relaxing in the SAO Spa saunas, enjoying foot reflexology, Balinese and Thai massages, or exploring the Slowinski National Park with its unique sand dunes. 

Some other magnificent activities include horseback riding on the beach and biking along the coast. If you're not a fan of activity, you'll appreciate our wind-sheltered terrace, where, wrapped in blankets you'll spend hours reading books or simply gazing off into the distance, into the immensity that so helps to rest your eyes.



Castle by history

The Leba Castle is an unique place on the Polish tourist map - a revitalized, pre-war resort located right on the beach. Breathtaking views, partly belonging to the Slavic National Park, proximity to the sea and forest, a pleasant spa and seasonal Polish cuisine complement the attractiveness of the facility, which admired for its over 100-year history. 

Built in 1907, the castle, with its distinctive tower, has survived much - massive storms before World War I, as a Curaçao House bustling between the wars, conversion into the headquarters of the Rocket Experimental Station and total abandonment just after World War II. It was soon followed by the takeover of  the Ministry of Health, which created the Baltic Spa House in the pre-war building. A few years later the Employee Holiday Fund created the holiday resort of Neptun, which fell into ruin in the 1990’s. Soon after, it was revitalized by a private owner, becoming a luxury hotel but preserving it’s historical value and unique ambiance.

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Adress: Sosnowa 1, 84-360 Łeba

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Phone: 59 863 51 20

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E-mail: rezerwacja@zamekleba.pl




We are a historic building and do not have a lift, rooms with walk-in showers and other facilities expected of standard hotels in terms of specific requirements for easy accessibility.

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